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The Wombat Philosophy
The guiding principle of Paul Fawcett, Wombat Amplification's  proprietor and chief designer is to focus first and foremost on careful circuit design and execution.  Too often, boutique amplifier makers and "amp gurus" merely recycle sixty year old designs, and posses limited understanding of the electronic principles that are the true foundation of great tone.  At Wombat Amplification, we deeply respect the past, while unashamedly incorporating the best aspects of modern design.  While every Wombat amp or piece of recording gear possess tone in spades, we don't believe in magic, and never dispense snake-oil. Trained as a professional scientist, Paul understands that good tone is the result of good design, good execution, and quality components -- not unicorn tears or pixie-dust.  Well, OK ... maybe just a sprinkle of Wombat fur!

Aesthetics are also very important to us.  Wombat Amps are craft-built, so we partner with select mastercraftsmen cabinet makers to ensure that Wombat amps equipment looks, feels, and sounds beautiful.