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Tubes for local RVA sale only
12AX7/ECC83       Single Tube   $12.50  (JJ/Slovakia)
12DW7/ECC832      Single Tube   $15.00  (JJ/Slovakia)
12AU7/6189/ECC82  Single Tube   $20.00  (GE/USA NIB NOS)
12AT7/ ECC81      Single Tube   $25.00  (JAN-Philips/USA NIB NOS)
EL34              Matched Pair  $40.00  (JJ/Slovakia)
6V6               Matched Pair  $40.00  (JJ/Slovakia)
6L6GC             Matched Pair  $45.00  (JJ/Slovakia)
EL84              Matched Pair  $30.00  (JJ/Slovakia)
GZ34/5AR4         Single Tube   $20.00  (JJ/Slovakia)
5Y3               Single Tube   $20.00  (JJ/Slovakia)
5Y3GT             Single Tube   $30.00  (USA NIB NOS)

We stock new production JJ tubes, however other tubes may be available upon request, please enquire for availability and pricing

Biasing service is also available

RVA musicians with practice space in the Garber building text 804.833.1959 with your request